Terminal Grand Opening: Crypto, Culture & Society

Introducing the Crypto, Culture & Society Terminal on Station

Amidst what seems like an explosion of new DAOs, many decentralized communities emerge as high-growth cities, each with its own goals, structures, economies, and cultural forces that pull visitors in. What also rises with the rapid experimentation is the rise of new labor markets; as people flood into these new cities, we ask—how can we ensure that as we grow, we are cultivating these new digital cities with thoughtfulness and care?

Every city has a school. Crypto, Culture, & Society is one that asks fundamental questions and creates nuanced discourse around what our digital future could look like. To have a collective of scholars, researchers, and learners deeply understand, capture, analyze, critique, and create alongside us is not only paramount to the growth and direction of Web3 but vital to the inclusivity and intellectual vibrance of the space. Most importantly, educational spaces and communities such as this one are the ones who onboard the citizens of the future, and Station is honored to provide Crypto, Culture, & Society the rails to do so.

Station is proud to partner with Crypto, Culture & Society to onboard new contributors.

Enter Terminal

CCS Initiative Board

Kicking off Semester II, Crypto, Culture & Society structures their initiatives around the DAO’s core teams—Workshops, Publication, Community, Brand & Media, and more. The CCS Initiative Board will showcase each of these core teams as an initiative; each initiative page contains information on contributor commitment level, reward(s) for contribution, recommended skills, and more. For CCS, each initiative has at least one Team Lead, a core contributor who defines goals and oversees the process for onboarding contributors to that initiative. Throughout the semester, learners in the CCS community can express their interest in contributing to an initiative by submitting interest via the Initiative Board.

CCS Contributor Directory

Contributing to CCS will be an opportunity to "earn" your way into gaining access to a semester. The Contributor Directory shows the tiers of contributors (distinguished by level of involvement), of which CCS has four: Staff, Team Lead, Core Contributor, and Guest Contributor. Clicking on a contributor profile in the directory shows the contributor’s skills, Discord contact, time zone, and the initiatives they are involved in.

For Crypto, Culture, & Society, initiatives will only be calling for Core Contributor and Guest Contributor roles, as Staff and Team Lead were determined prior to the start of the semester. The Contributor Directory will promote transparency into who is contributing to the DAO and how they are organized.

CCS Waiting Room

The Waiting Room shows active applicants for each of the existing initiatives on CCS’s Terminal. After someone expresses interest in an initiative via the Initiative Board, they enter the Waiting Room, during which any contributors can endorse applicants whom they believe are fit candidates. Staff and Team Leads hold the most endorsement power, as they have the most context about the initiative’s needs. Staff and Team Leads also have the ability to directly invite community members who may be a fit for certain projects to the Waiting Room. Through this mechanism, Staff and Team Leads are able to not only identify great potential contributors but formally pull them onto the path to contribution.

Designed by the CCS community
Designed by the CCS community

Contributor NFT

Contributor NFT represents a community member’s contributor on-chain identity. When an applicant gets “onboarded”, they’re issued a Contributor NFT that represents one’s membership status on-chain. Not only does the NFT showcase the status of a contributor, but it also contains data around one’s organizational identity (such as roles, initiatives, and reputation) that provides granular access to other Web3 native applications such as governance tools like Snapshot or workflow tools like Clarity.

If you’d like to join the Station Network as a Terminal Partner, please join the waitlist here.

If you’d like to contribute and join the ride, check out Station Labs’ Initiative Board for openings.

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